CVU Youth Academy

The goal of the youth academy is to bring the highest level of soccer coaching to the younger players that truly have a passion for the game. We are dedicated to serving the community by providing a challenging and supportive soccer environment for our youth. Every player in our Academy has an opportunity to potentially play on one of our club teams or continue to train with us until they are ready to play at a competitive level. This allows for a smooth transition between recreational and club soccer for all academy players. We believe that providing the proper training at the early ages will allow their individual skills to grow and create a love for the game. We hope to bring more families in our community together that believe in player development over the winning-at-all costs mentality that you see in many youth programs today.

Our nationally licensed training staff has a wealth of training experience teaching soccer in Ventura County. Each training session will consist of developing individual balls skills, circuit training and small sided scrimmages to encourage players to implement the skills they have been taught. The end goal is to create technically proficient players that are well prepared for learning team concepts as they transition to competitive club soccer.

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